Have you ever loved a look but wished a few details could be customized for your personal brand and style? 

Well wait no longer... Aizen and Meridian has the answer!  


Welcome to Twenty7!  Our chic and customizable line that allows our clients to put a personal spin on their purchases. In a few easy steps you are able to change the exterior color, interior lining and hardware for a look that is all yours.  All items are made to order and will be ready in 4-8 weeks. Our process includes design collaboration, quality assurance, shipping and of course excellent service.  Once the design is done we will send you photos of your investment and quickly have it shipped to you to enjoy.  You will never want to buy plain retail again! 

With over 27 options we are sure our color and style selection will have something that meets your needs!  

Colorful Leather

Customize ME Please!

Women in Jewelry Workshop

Step 1:

Select the product you wish to customize

Trio: BB Laptop bag, The Elise, Royal Duffel
The Elise
The Elise XL